Hyundai IONIQ, with three engines and electricity as the main protagonist

Hyundai IONIQelectricity is one of the forms of sustainable mobility that more and more manufacturers include them in their range of models. In this context appears the Hyundai IONIQ, the new model of the hyundai brand, which will arrive at dealers in 2016 and has only been shown this picture to the time. Its official presentation will be in January in Korea and then will be seen in the halls of Geneva and New York.

it Is a vehicle completely new, which takes as a basis a new platform made exclusively for this model. Such a platform has been developed to be able to adapted to the type of propulsion that the client wants to choose. And it is that there will be three mechanical different to the IONIQ, all of them, of course, related in any way with the electrification.

Hyundai IONIQIn its variant fully electric (EV), the vehicle is powered by a lithium ion battery of high capacity and very efficient. In the version hybrid plug-in (PHEV) combines a gasoline engine with the battery charging enchufándose to the network. Finally there will be a hybrid (HEV) that also uses a battery and a thermal engine, which is recharged with the movement of the vehicle.

Although the image does not show many details, it seems that he used a body saloon, five-door. This same body is used for other vehicles of these characteristics, such as the Chevrolet Volt or the Opel Ampera. The dimensions shall be quite compact and on an aesthetic level, for the moment, only can highlight the LED both front and rear.

The Hyundai IONIQ will be the regarding hybrid/electric of the brand and rivalizará with the Toyota Prius. the name comes from the nexus between ‘ion’ (atom electrically charged), by reference to its electrification). ‘Nor’ comes from the unique offering that brings to the range Hyundai and commitment to the environment and the ‘Q’ wants to highlight the progress and visual aesthetic, different to other models.

Source – Hyundai