Hyundai is already setting up the facelift of the Genesis


Hyundai is putting the Genesis in environments as complicated as the Nürburgring

In 2008, Hyundai decided to show his worth in a way risky, and unusual, raiding the segment’s most exclusive market of the sedans of representation. Since then, the Hyundai Genesis, only Genesis has been the maximum exponent of a brand that does little more than a decade not noted for their quality.

And is that Hyundai has taken a leap impressive, and the Genesis represents it better than any other model. Constantly the great saloon is being updated. Not only including new details of design, but also a lot more technology. Steps required given the opponents it faces, most of them germans.

The next year will come another restyling. This is the first time that we see it rolling, and what we have done in the circuit of Nürburgring, where Hyundai has a high performance centre. The goal is not to beat the lap time, but set the car to be able to deal with solvency any environment that confronts.

In paragraph aesthetic, the truth is that we see few differences with the Genesis current. In the front we see a new bumper, with a different schema, with a touch more european and why not say, more sporty. At the rear the changes are more discreet, so much so that by the time we see only a few exhaust modified.

Surely the mechanical part also be reviewed. Currently, the Genesis shows only a configuration for Europe. A block V6 gasoline 315 horsepower that will be updated with new systems of saving and efficiency. We assume that Hyundai will continue without bringing to the old continent the V8 that itself looks in other markets.

finally, and as expected, the (technology also will be modernized. It is vital so that the Genesis would continue to show the highest qualities of Hyundai. Koreans do not expect your vehicle to be the most sold in the market, but that consider a model of the utmost importance for the value image that has.

The update will come the next year to continue planting the face of German rivals