Hyundai is involved in a video and a new teaser image of the upcoming Veloster

The current generation Hyundai Veloster it is no longer marketed in some markets where it is present, the signature. This model, air sports, failed to harvest the sales success that is deserved for its unique design and range mechanical very limited versions of gasoline. However, now that the division sport N is taking shape on the body of the compact i30, the responsible of the signature south Korean has decided to give a second chance to this unique concept.

few days Ago came to light the first teasers to display the features that will have the next generation Hyundai Veloster. Under the peculiar camouflage that covered the units photographed, we can intuit a design that maintains the essence of the first iteration, that is, a line with the ceiling falling and rear very compact. However, what we could not predict was if keeping the feature available doors (two on the passenger side and one on the driver’s side).

despite the lack of official confirmation, we believe that will maintain its format of body, as Hyundai has released a teaser video which you can see some details. The first thing that catches your attention, if you look at the second 37 of the video, is that appears to be the second side door on the passenger side (see the handle to open it). The second aspect in which we must look are your headlights on main, then go on to incorporate LED technology and a format (at least inside) that doesn’t mount any model of the brand. The rest of the lines that define the set are kept faithful to the Veloster’s original.

The third thing to keep in mind is how it sounds your engine, leading us directly to the riding the i30 N. If we talk about by talk about, the range mechanics of the second generation of the Veloster, could be formed by two mechanical gasoline with four-cylinder and three steps of power. The first would be the 2-liter atmospheric that makes 150 HP to, in the second term to give way to the same block turbo powered riding the i30 N with more than 250 HP. In the middle part would be the engine 1.6 T-GDi that would yield a power of 200 HP.

Will have to see if your presentation takes place in the Salon de Detroit, because there is still no confirmed date for this. While, we will be attentive to the data that can be filtered.

Source – Hyundai

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