Hyundai ix20 1.6 CRDi 115 CV, to the test. Small on the outside, big on the inside

Not only of the crossover live the man. Those clients demanding travel desahogados in a wrap small, do not have to buy a Renault Capture or a Nissan Juke. You can opt for a car such as the Hyundai ix20. An option a little known, but no less interesting. It is a small van, only 4,11 meters in length, and much more spacious that the two best-sellers referred to above. In 2015 he received a slight facelift, and we have thoroughly tested a Hyundai ix20 1.6 CRDi 115 HP with the finish Style.

What is the Hyundai ix20?

The twin brother of the Hyundai ix20 is the KIA Venga, which is identical to the level of motorization and space, barely differentiated aesthetically.

A concentrate of space. A car ideal for those who want to maximize the interior space of the car, with a footprint outside just a few inches bigger than a Volkswagen Polo or an Opel Corsa. Outwardly, the Hyundai ix20 does not impress anybody. But if you look closely at this version Style top of the range, we can see several stylish details. A new calender of chrome frame, tires multirradio of 16 inches and a few new pilots LED rear. The white paint of our unit is metallic, optional.

hyundai-ix20-2016-prueba-14-mdmThe face wash you have been sitting very well, it is subtle but effective, and has taken over the old design already accused. It is not possible to hide it is still a car whose shape is determined by the function: its glazed surface is wide and its overhangs are short, with the goal of maximizing the interior space. It is the strong point of this estate of just 11 centimeters over four metres. Its interior stands out for a large-amplitude, combined with a huge trunk.

Inside the Hyundai ix20 2016

The ergonomics of the driving position is good, although it misses a lumbar adjustment for the driver’s seat.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, I get a remarkable improvement in the quality of the materials. Although primarily is made up of hard plastics, the finish of this Hyundai ix20 are good and seem to be very suffered. The instrumentation has been redesigned and is reading simple. The first thing that I notice is the amount of spaces available for emptying my pockets, especially large under the center console. I miss a hole covered between the front seats, hiding the view of my belongings.


The driver’s seat has an armrest, ideal for long trips, because in the city we will be crashing constantly on the side against it to change gear. A minor detail, glossed over by bright spots such as a large glovebox – illuminated and refrigerated – or holes for large bottles in each door. The panoramic roof practicable of this unit helps to create a feeling an open space in the cabin, but it is impossible to deny that the available space is an optical illusion. A car is very wide.

It is a car, easy to use. All of the buttons have a good usability, and become accustomed to its use is a matter of seconds.

A driver high it should be no problem in the front seats, and the passengers of the rear seats have a space for the legs, unusual in a vehicle of this size. As you know, three passengers iran something more tight in the rear seats, but traveling four people, it is difficult to get more space in less size. The trunk of the Hyundai ix20 is a great surprise. Cubes nothing less than 440 litres, with a wide mouth for loading and forms very regular. Is larger than the trunk of a Peugeot 2008 or an Opel Mokka X.

maletero-hyundai-ix20Such 440 litres-which is achieved by placing the loading tray in the boot in its lower position, in which there remains a small gap between the mouth of the trunk and the cargo floor. By folding the rear row of seats forms a loading surface is completely flat, nearly two meters in length, with a storage volume of 1.5 cubic meters. A detail positive of the Hyundai ix20 is that you have a spare wheel type cookie, ignoring the current trend to equip kits, flat free tires, very little use.

the steering wheel of the Hyundai ix20 1.6 CRDi 115 HP

The visibility of the Hyundai ix20 is good, which is of great help especially at the time of joining the traffic.

Hyundai ix20 that we have tested mounted a propellant 1.6 CRDi turbodiesel, 115 HP of power. Is the diesel more powerful, with an alternative 1.4 CRDi 90 CV by completing the range below. In gasoline, the range consists of a 1.4 90 HP and a 1.6 MPI with 125 HP, in both cases atmospheric conditions. The engine tested is the most interesting for those who go through a good number of miles per year, especially out of town. Your power of 115 HP binds a maximum torque of 260 Nm, among the 1,900 rpm and 2.750 rpm.

hyundai-ix20-2016-prueba-10-mdmAssociated with a manual gearbox of six relations, promises a 0 to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds, with a top speed of 183 km/h. Figures discrete for a car whose weight is 1.385 kg. It is a propeller already getting on in years, tried it, but something rough and cold with a idle clearly audible. Start your loudness is mitigated in a large extent: it is a car, well isolated, which overlook a few noises at cruising speed. Only the rear-view mirrors – good visibility – make some noise on the highway.

Overhangs are very short, and a reversing camera, parking is child’s play with this minivan.

What I like about this engine is that it pushes very properly from the bottom up, from just 1,300 rpm. Its power delivery is never sudden: it is progressive and constant, provided that they do not require pay beyond 4,000 rpm, it becomes weak quickly. Their benefits it’s no surprise that, but are sufficient to maintain good cruise extraurbanos and respond when overtaking on secondary roads. Its gearbox has a nice feel to it, and the game of clutch is of the more simple and fluid than I remember in quite some time.


system Stop&Start, which is something lazy, and their consumptions are correct. On a route Madrid-Gijón motorway, at legal speeds, threw an average of 6.1 l/100 km. I expected at least a couple of tenths less, but the aerodynamics of the car plays an important role in this aspect. In city, its consumption is stabilized around 8 l/100 km, and if you pamper the throttle out of town we can run around 5 l/100 km, Its average number approved is 4.4 l/100 km, lower than in any of the cases.

The touch of the electric power steering is one of the points where more journey of improvement has Hyundai.

, their consumption are not the best in its segment, but it compensates with comfort on board is worthy of mention. Their suspensions are openly focused on the comfort, moving very few imperfections in the road to passage. By contrast, don’t expect a huge step for curve or sensations sports. The car will protest, and the ESP – very intrusive – cut of root, the slightest misbehavior. Also you will feel the road, as the address, although very comfortable in the city, is excessively filtered.


Prices of the Hyundai ix20 and conclusions

The Hyundai ix20 with the finishing Style and the engine 1.6 CRDi 115 HP it currently costs 19.995 € , if we ignore the financial offerings and we welcome the Plan PIVE. If we fund, remains in 17.795 euros. It is a competitive price for a car whose equipment is more than abundant: leather upholstery, climate control, panorama sunroof, reverse camera, navigator with touch screen or Bluetooth hands-free. finish Techno is in my opinion the most interesting of the range ix20, and costs 2.800€ less, with the same engine.

requires Us to give up the leather or the browser, but the savings is more than significant. The Hyundai ix20 has currently large trade discounts, to bring its price in line with their more direct rivals. However, the KIA Venga is more affordable to equality of equipment, and its diesel engine has 13 HP additional. Not to be that aesthetics are a priority, it is a purchase is more logical. Other rivals of power and similar size are the FIAT 500L or Opel Meriva – although the latter is already 4,30 meters. Rivals like the Ford B-MAX or Nissan Note lack de engines diesel above 100 HP.