Hyundai Mobility Vision, or how the car can integrate with our home

The south Korean manufacturer Hyundai is one of the most
news is showing the audience at the CES 2017, which takes place these
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communication technology by means of voice commands with Google Home that the
mark has given you to know, today is the time to speak of the Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept, an interesting study.

Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept

Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept, presented at CES 2017.

The main idea and concept that Hyundai has sought to convey with the Mobility Vision is that the vehicle can be integrated with our vital space and move to be “a part” of our home. Something as well as a vehicle able to integrate as a “wall” more of the home to eliminate what we might call “transition” of the living room to the vehicle.

Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept away autonomously to move to the desired location. Mike O Brein, Vice president, Corporate and Product Planning for Hyundai, said during the press conference of this peculiar concept that has sought to “combine” elements of our own home with the vehicle to create a unique space in which both come together.

For example, the vehicle you can make the times of air conditioning system to cool or heat the home while also can act as an emergency generator to power televisions and speakers in specific moments that have fallen off the electrical grid. This can be a very interesting concept for the times of hurricanes, tornadoes or heavy rains in which it is usual to spend long hours without power supply.

Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept

The Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept shows how the vehicle can be integrated with our home.

Another of the uses you can give to the vehicle when it is merged with the living room at home, is that of a work center. During the video demonstration that Hyundai unveiled at CES 2017, you could see a person using the car is “docked” at home to watch a movie or to work as if it was a desktop it were. Once the person needed to go somewhere, you could see how the seat as moved to the interior of the vehicle to go to your destination. All of this by making use of a driving system autonomous.

And speaking of the Mobility Vision Concept, Hyundai has also shown the possibilities that would have this concept if it is combined with technologies and associated systems to improve the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Demonstrates how you can create the most favourable conditions for avoiding stress during the car journey and even allow the driver to change different parameters in order to increase personal productivity or relaxation.

This technology monitors actively the health and status of the driver through various sensors scattered around the cabin and, by some indicators, you can opt for one or another decision, always looking to reduce the stress and provide a relaxing atmosphere and a restful.