Hyundai N: 5 keys and a (important) video of advancement of the division of sport Hyundai

just a day Hyundai announced that the name Genesis will serve in the coming years to an independent brand aimed at providing luxury products, such as already is the Hyundai Genesis, but this is not the only new division that prepares Hyundai, under the badge of Hyundai N we will be introduced to the sports models of the brand… and we already have a first video of advance to get the teeth well long.

What will be the first model of this new division sports?

The logo of Hyundai N is inspired, as we are told from the brand, in the chicanes of the circuit.

Until now we thought the first candidate to pass through the hands of this division would be the Hyundai i20, ready to offer a sporty alternative within the small GTI, a rival for models such as the Peugeot 208 GTI or the Volkswagen Polo GTI, now, everything points to his older brother, a Hyundai i30 more sports.

Hyundai has ended up with all these rumors prior to the hand of a first video preview, in which we can see a Hyundai i30 camouflaged. For now we do not know of possible specifications, although we must bear in mind that currently the version turbo (with the 1.6 TGDI) already provides us with 186 horsepower and the segment it operates between the 220 hp Golf GTI and the 310 horses of the Hyundai Civic Type R.

Of the World Rally championship to the streets…

The competition is always a good way to sell your sporting goods, but also is an excellent form, the best, develop and test components that later will be present in them. Hyundai has your experience in the WRC, where the signature competes with the Hyundai i20, which in the first instance led us to think that this would be the first model chosen by Hyundai N.

…going by the Nürburgring.

Nürburgring is the test course for excellence, the track of development for a lot of brands, Hyundai among them. As told in this new video posted to the Hyundai i30 Hyundai has given 490 laps development

Pedigree: Albert Biermann is at the forefront of Hyundai N

In the video released by Hyundai also, we find the Hyundai RM15 Concept, a Veloster of 300 hp and a central motor.

This new division of sport Hyundai not only to drink of what they learned in the Championship of the World Rally championship, in addition to have to the front to a manager that something knows of sports models: Albert Biermann.

Who is Albert Biermann? Before you make the jump to Hyundai was the chief engineer of BMW M.

When do we see?

According to the latest rumors Hyundai will start marketing its first model Hyundai N the next year.

Video of advancement of Hyundia N: