Hyundai passes us again your IONIQ that we will know this month

Hyundai IONIQwe have Already commented in our review of the new cars most anticipated of 2016. The Hyundai IONIQ is one of the most anticipated, a new model with 3 mechanical settings different that will hit the market this year. For now we know little, but the hyundai brand is striving to bring forward his arrival with several teaser have shown slightly in appearance.

We get some new images that say rather little. Or rather, a little more of what we already knew. It will be a competitor to the Toyota Prius and, therefore, will look like a body somewhat distant from the conventional. Not in vain, does not appear to be particularly controversial or daring, it is details differentiators.

hyundai-ioniq-2016 (1)beyond its exterior appearance, the Hyundai IONIQ will be quite minimalist in its interior replacing a good part of the buttons by a touch control. The central screen will preside over the dashboard and will come with a tan fashion dashboard fully digital. We can’t forget the latest innovations in the field of connectivity in a car that they should give of technology and to be the exponent of the mark in this field.

Precisely will be a great novelty in the market and their own brand for their propulsion system. Your new platform will allow it to be sold as pure electric, hybrid, conventional and plug-in hybrid. Waiting we know the data of consumption, power, performance or autonomy in the case of the version fully electric.

The Hyundai IONIQ will come to Europe and should be filed with the public at large in the Geneva, in march. Your marketing is not fixed, but could start after the summer in our market. Hyundai, for its part, has ensured that already accepts orders before presented officially at the end of this month in your local market.

Source – Hyundai