Hyundai RM16 Concept, this radical Veloster is the latest N Performance

The Hyundai RM16 Concept is the latest prototype presented by the Korean company as its maximum exponent in terms of sportsmanship is concerned. Before appearing as RM14 2014 and its subsequent update named RM15 in 2015, the early stages of development already, we were able to contemplate through our spy photos.


if you still don’t know very well what we are talking about, this RM16 Concept is a sports car in prototype format that serves to Hyundai to experience their new technologies for vehicles sporting for the implementation of the division N Performance, something like the BMW ///M signature bavarian. Its silhouette is clearly recognisable, it is a coupe compact doors asymmetric, which never really came to have the expected success, a Hyundai Veloster modified as never before.

, While the coupe sat on the engine in the front position, and the classical front-wheel drive, the prototypes of which we speak they furnish a engine in rear center position, look at the air intakes just before the steps of the rear wheel, and as you can imagine, now becomes a vehicle whose rear axle is the one that is responsible for moving the wheels.

the new edition of The prototype in addition to plays with a new turbo electric that reduces the classic lag (delay) that have this type of mechanics. By the way, we have not mentioned that you mounted a block 2.0-litre T-GDI that produces 300 HP and 383 Nm of torque, power that manages a change manual of six speeds.


The prototype modifies all their behind and let their particular doors asymmetric

Although not only will it be the change of position of the motor, type of drive and turbo power. This Veloster benefits from a weight distribution of 43/57, 43% front and 57% rear, a center of gravity 500mm lower, includes an limited slip differential, exhaust system variable by using the electronic, espoiler rear automatic that adapts to your speed.

let’s Hope that the three prototypes not only serve as a technology showcase and flaunt the technique of korea, but Hyundai dares to create a production vehicle so radical like this to surprise us all. We will continue to forward to the what’s new N Performance, at least we know that part of this prototype will serve to bring to market the Hyundai i30N.

you Can practice your Korean by watching the video of her debut (from the 36:28):