Hyundai RN30, a prototype of high performance for the Paris Salon 2016


Hyundai RN30 Concept (Paris 2016)

In the Paris Salon 2016 we will have a new and important prototype by Hyundai N: this is the first image of advancement of the Hyundai RN30 Concept, that will be officially presented on the 29th of September. Will be based on the Hyundai i30 2017, and as you can guess it will be a good preview of what we should expect in the next Hyundai i30 N of production.

This Hyundai RN30 will take over from the Hyundai RM16 Concept, a prototype of the Veloster, specially designed by the division N Performance the south Korean manufacturer. In this case, the division of high performance and has collaborated with the Technical Centre of Hyundai in Europe, and the racing division, Hyundai Motorsport.


Hyundai i30 2017

The Hyundai RN30 will have an aerodynamic specific and an aspect lower than that of the compact i30, with a few steps of wheel widths and envelopes, though it is definitely its design will remember this. The future Hyundai i30 N of production as we have spoken on numerous occasions through their spy photos, and is expected to hit the market during 2017.

With a power that is an estimated 260 HP, Hyundai i30 N 2017 will be a compact, sporty fun, especially to your steering wheel, and the tuning of its chassis, the brand’s engineers have taken advantage of the Nürburgring at the limit. Rivalizará with models like the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Ford Focus ST: in just a few days we will discover what will this prototype prior Hyundai RN30, because you could be far more extreme…