Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: the new generation of the SUV continues its tests


New Hyundai Santa Fe in tests.

This is not the first time that we can see one of the test units of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, the added the fourth generation of the crossover Korean, which is a complete makeover to tackle the new opponents of a segment increasingly more crowded and competitive.

This is the next model crossover that will come in the complete renewal of the range that is practicing Hyundai, after having presented the new Tucson and be ready to be presented to the new Kona, the new B-SUV of the firm.

The first time that we were able to see the new Santa Fe was in the scandinavian countries, in the north of Europe during its testing of winter, and although now found in continental Europe, is still fully camouflaged. Has not lost an iota of the tarps that cover so that your new design details (if it is that this unity is already the holder) are not visible in none of its angles.


Very well camouflaged at the moment.

What we do see is that the new generation of the Santa Fe grow slightly in size with respect to the current model, so that it will present more space in the cabin. In fact, there are reports that suggest that we might find a version of up to 8 squares.

we are Currently two variants of the automobile at dealerships in Europe, short battle with a capacity for 5 squares and version of battle long, the Grand Santa Fe 7-seater,. So we hope to find the same options with the arrival of the new generation. The copy that appears in these images corresponds to the variant of long wheelbase and three rows of seats.

The new model should reach dealerships during the year
comes, so that your presentation should be at the beginning of
, probably at some salon us, its main market.