Hyundai shows its i30 N on a video just before his presentation

The next hatchback of the signature south Korean is already here, but before its launch, Hyundai has shown, on video, the new i30 N. only 15 seconds are enough to realize that this is not going to be a Hyundai either, and that is that we have been long waiting for a compact sports this brand.

will Be launched this year, and the last N emphasizes the sporty look of the model. You will not be alone, as they are also expected to i20 N-that will come after the release of this i30 N. This new variant to one of the best selling models from Hyundai will rival perfect for the GTI in europe, such as the Peugeot 308 GTI and the enormously popular Volkswagen Golf GTI.

In the video, although the i30 N is covered by a camouflage paint, you can clearly see the rear diffuser and the exhaust, in addition to the sound that emanates from them. A sound sports, nothing raspy, and with a slight backfiring. Nice and ..

The on-road testing have been used to check the conduction in the first Hyundai series sports N that our customers will be able to know” We have to be sure that in addition to being suitable for a sporty driving, to be valid for the day-to-day.” I Albert Biermann, Vice president and Head of testing at Hyundai.

With this new Hyundai i30 N, the mark in south korea have, therefore, four variants of the model. Next to the version sports of which I speak, the i30 N account currently with the version “normal”, the i30, and a version touring, the i30 cw. According to rumors, there is also a coupe version of five-door with style fastback, which could launch by the end of this year.

it Is obvious that Hyundai is trying to get to his i30 to become the best rival to the Volkswagen Golf, and no doubt, with all these variants and now its sport version, they are getting closer little by little to the germans.

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