Hyundai Sonata 2018: The new images of the facelift


This will be a facelift of a half cycle.

Under those tarps black is the facelift of the Hyundai Sonata, the model of the D segment of the group Korean marketed in markets such as South Korea, China, or north America. In some markets, is sold alongside the i40 european, model that shares a platform with the Sonata, although the i40 is slightly shorter than the Sonata.

This has been seen while filming during your testing of winter, in environments of low temperature, and has a huge camouflage exterior, typical of the hyundai brand, although it still retains very clearly their emblems.

The seventh and current generation was launched in 2014, so this will be a mere update of the model. The extensive camouflage doesn’t allow us a glimpse of its details, but will expect certain aesthetic touches to the height of the grill and light clusters, as is usual in the facelift of the middle cycle of life.


behind also there will be changes.

in Response to the images, the profile looks very similar, keeping your silhouette 3 volumes, with a trunk rather short. The front appears to have changed quite a bit with regard to the Sonata current, with a grille of greater size, and a few pilots that appear as ragged as the riding currently.

The main change found in the front bumper, so the air inlet side, are now displayed in a vertical manner, in place of the trapeze horizontal of the current generation. It is curious that the front is dominated by a huge emblem of the brand, which has not been obscured, leaving it clear that is what we are seeing.

In the rear we also find a bumper, something changed, although
camouflage and snow do not allow us to get closer to their details. In
the interior is expected that we are also small
cosmetic changes, in addition to an upgrade of your equipment
technology. Your presentation should be during the second half of
this same year
, followed by an early commercialization, perhaps
the beginning of 2018 or the end of 2017.