Hyundai Sonata, Korean and american face-to-face in a crash test (video)

Crash test Hyundai SonataSure that you have ever wondered if there are differences in the manufacturing of a car in a factory, or market, and another. There are. Many of them respond to customer needs in each market, but also to the legislation. The customers of Hyundai asked if the Sonata Korean was as good as the Sonata american. And what if they discovered it.

it’s Almost like the technique of trial and error. Hyundai wanted to demonstrate that the Sonata Korean has the same qualities of the american. Will not be less. In the end, the Korean market is very strong for the brand and its image. To prove it they took a Sonata Korean and other american and crashed. A crash test.


Yes, it is as easy as saying that the stamina more is better. In this case the demonstration took place in front of some spectators, although the video will not be easy to understand unless you have a good level of Korean. In any case, the images speak for themselves, although do not prove anything in particular. Only that result in a impact is the same on both cars.

Hyundai has known how to play their cards and in one unknown has made an announcement. While Mercedes wondered if your smart could survive an impact with their flagship, the Mercedes S-Class, Hyundai wanted to prove that the factory Korean Asan performed a work as flawless in terms of quality as the american Montgomery.

we’re like in front of this promotional event, but the group of Korean is conducting a campaign curious announcing the safety of their cars, like the Kia Carnival crashing to the ground. There is No doubt that they are safe cars, but the quality we have to judge it on small details, and may result in a comparison interesting.