Hyundai Sonata Sport 2018, are we facing a future N Performance?


The division Hyundai N Performance begins to take shape: with development primarily european, this label will be synonymous with versions of high-performance and a lot of fun in your driving. The first of them will be the upcoming Hyundai i30 N 2017, but then the last ‘N’ will be expanded to other models, and perhaps some of them altogether unexpected…

A hypothetical Hyundai i20 N it would be entirely logical and reasonable: intended to compete within the sport-utility a little more than four metres, would associate its image to the participation of Hyundai in the WRC. But what you might not you might think to pot soon -neither are we – is a saloon radically sports within Hyundai.

After these spy photos, we must leave this possibility open: this unit evidence of the future Hyundai Sonata 2018 has been photographed in united States. Currently, the Hyundai Sonata Sport is the most powerful version of this saloon, with 245 HP from its engine 2.0 T-GDI four-cylinder, and in less than a couple of years will have respite.


With the ‘facelift’ model, which we look forward to your arrival towards the end of 2017 in the north american market, this version sports to boost your offer, and not just in the aesthetic level: you will need a grill with grid-style “honeycomb” and elements of the aerodynamic the most eye-catching in their exterior looking for a style that’s very aggressive, but we also expect more power.

Do Hyundai Sonata N? A ‘facelift’ for the Sonata Sport is much more likely

Without ruling out a V6 engine, it is most likely a 2.0 turbo with a few horses more. It also seems feasible to retain the designation ‘Sonata Sport’, and in this case we will be in an update of the model already known, a cousin of the european Kia Optima GT.

While we expect to have new data, the possibility of a Hyundai Sonata N still cannot be ruled out, but such a model does not seem too logical, and less with development in parallel to the rest of the range 2018 of the saloon with a ‘facelift’ built-in. In any case, it is clear that , Hyundai will increase one way or another, your range sports in the next few years.