Hyundai Sonata (USDM) against Hyundai Sonata (KDM)

Hyundai has reacted strongly to the criticism on issues of quality of the Hyundai Sonata. There are customers of South Korea to suspect the north american version is made with better components or a more modern, that the manufacturer denies. For this to be more credible, was prepared as a crash test very special.

chose a Sonata of a campa of the factory in Asan (South Korea), marked for the slaughterhouse. In the united States chose a Sonata at random, made, there, from a dealer in Vermont (California, USA). Also, would suffer a bloody fate. This last was sent by boat to Korea, his end would be crashing in front against the other Sonata.

In a drive-in, picked up both cars to collide completely from the front, with an overlap of 100%, so it can be verified that the shredding would be the same in both cars. The blight is something relative, because it is able to open without any difficulty the front doors of both cars, and with many witnesses, in front.

The video, unfortunately, is incomprehensible if we do not know Korean. It is not very fresh, dating back to August, but has come at the hands of western recently and is not likely to have seen. The collision is not at a very high speed, but one thing is clear, the cars only appear to differ in the color and the position of the lights. Little more.