Hyundai tab to a former engineer of General Motors for their autonomous cars

Hyundai Grandeur/Azera

The driving autonomously follows its course as the different brands are evolving the technology that will make it possible. The best way to do this is through internal research or, if the cost is too high another option is a valid, your outsourcing with third-party companies. Another method that also seems to be succeeding among the brands of cars, is the sign to hit book to engineers who have worked on projects of this caliber in other firms and that you can now take part of their knowledge to the new one.

The latest brand in joining this club is the south Korean Hyundai. As reported by the firm, have hired a former engineer of General Motors who worked in the american group for more than ten years in the development of the technology needed to create their autonomous cars. With its step-by-Hyundai will continue to dedicate themselves to the same tasks, but it will as the supervisor of the work done by the engineers who are already involved in the project.

Cadillac Escala Concept

The lucky one is Lee Jin-Woo and is 47 years old will direct the Center for Intelligent Technology Security that has created the Group Hyundai (with Kia) for the design and development of their autonomous cars. This centre is of recent creation, but it is lacking in talent, and good engineers, as announced by the firm. For this reason, with the addition of Jin-Woo continue to move forward with its strategy of excellence in all of the fields associated with the car.

however, with the arrival to the ranks of the brand Lee will not end the contracting star. Hyundai is aware that have to run more to match their position in the field of autonomous cars with other firms. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised that in a matter of a short time to announce a strategic alliance with some other brand. In addition, with the formalization of this alliance external, also will significantly reduce the costs of development of its technology for autonomous cars, and therefore be able to make it profitable. in less time than if done alone.

Source – Hyundai