Hyundai unveils Sonata 2018 with a few sketches, confirmed the sports version


First sketches of the new Sonata 2018.

At the beginning of this month of February I brought you the latest spy pictures of the facelift that Hyundai is preparing for the Sonata. From what we saw in those images, the model will suffer a slight upgrade aesthetics, but watched the last sketches posted by the brand, it seems that its exterior design will change considerably.

These images were revealed through the official page of Facebook of the brand, and we can see the sketches of the new Sonata next to his predecessors. What was most striking, without a doubt, there are new lines to be revealed, but the presence of two different versions, one of them marked with the word “turbo”.

This seems to indicate that the hyundai brand will ship two versions of aesthetic and distinct from the new Sonata 2018. On the one hand the regular version and another a sports version. This version could mount the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo which will be mounted in Europe, the new i30 N, which we presume to 275 HP.


At the back we find 4 exhaust outlets on the version more sports.

Already in his day we talked to you about the future Sport version of the Sonata, although for the moment we can only say that by the looks of it, will be marketed, but it is still early to say if it will be released as a new variant of the family N of sports models of the brand, or if on the contrary it will be a mere variant of the Sonata.

This design with a front a lot more aggressive than the Sonata regular, starting with a blacked-out grille and air intakes side oversized. While, in the rear, we find an optical also obscured with respect to the Sonata standard, and an aggressive design rear diffuser and quad exhaust outlet.

it Is convenient to remember that we are faced with simple sketches, so it will be understandable that your lines have been radicalised in these drawings, and that may not represent the look and the proportions of the model accurately.


Front more aggressive.

With respect to the lines of the Sonata regular, we find ourselves as bumper and optics are modified completely. The wide front grille takes the design of horizontal louvres, probably chrome, and in the rear we now have pilots more torn with a curious graph on propeller LED, as well as a dual exhaust outlet.

The presentation of this model is still a mystery, some media point to the imminent New York Hall of as the most probable date, that is held in April. However, for the moment, despite having already published these sketches, we have to wait for the news of the hyundai brand.