Hyundai wants to attack the Mercedes S-Class, and this Genesis G90 is your weapon

No, the idea of a luxury brand, Hyundai is not a bluff, and these sketches on the new Genesis G90 are the proof that these koreans are very serious. Genesis will be born as a sub-brand in just a few months ago with the intention of compose a range of up to 6 models, capable of dealing with the references of the premium segment. With the presentation of the Genesis G90, Hyundai is aiming too high, pretending to be measured to an equal footing with heavyweights like the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7 Series or the Audi A8.


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    just a few days Ago I had very surprised about the decision of Hyundai jumping into the swimming pool of the market of luxury cars with a new brand. The emblem Genesis we have known relatively recently, the presentation of the first model under this emblem and denomination occurred in 2008, and now Hyundai already aims to compose a range of 6 models that will arrive by 2020.

    The most luxurious and ambitious of all these launches will be the drink of these sketches, which today we present, it will be called Genesis G90 and will compete with the most select of the segment F. Hyundai wants to compose a range parallel to your offer you place a bet of form decided by the luxury, quality and technology, giving life thereby to a range that will promote the new Genesis G90 in their strokes, its finish and its equipment options.


    The Genesis G90 will be presented at the end of this year, thus giving the starting signal for this new stage of Hyundai under the emblem Genesis. There is No doubt that we are faced with a risky bet, but as I analyzed my partner David Villarreal in this special on the birth of Genesis, it seems that Hyundai has studied this movement in detail to ensure its success.

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