Hyundai will launch a SUV-electric 320 km of autonomy


The Hyundai IONIQ has in its range with a version 100% electric.

During the press conference on Hyundai at the Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016, in addition to learning the new features that the manufacturer has prepared for the north american market, there has also been time for the ads of the future. And that is, neither more nor less, it has been confirmed that Hyundai will launch a SUV electric. After the launch of the family IONIQ composed by three models (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric), Hyundai makes the leap to the SUV segment with its upcoming electric vehicle.

In this way, the south Korean manufacturer seeks to collect the witness who left the electric version of the Toyota RAV4 when it was discontinued in the month of September 2014. With a range of 320 kilometers, Hyundai hopes to capture the attention of new buyers to its range of electric vehicles thanks to a model that is well executed and features that are at the height of what you would expect.

After the press conference of the brand in the mentioned auto show, Mike O’brien, Vice president, Corporate and Product Planning for Hyundai, has made it clear that will not be an electric vehicle based on a model of the current. Therefore, we will be in a SUV electric completely new. We rule out, for example, an electric version of the Hyundai Tucson.


The next electric vehicle from Hyundai will be a SUV with 320 kilometers of autonomy.

If you do not change the plans of Hyundai, its new SUV electric will be offered both in configuration of front-wheel-drive as integral. For now there is not much information about this new power, although it is clear that we can count on the fact that you will benefit from the technology used by the Hyundai IONIQ, electric. A model that, as we recently published, you will receive a major upgrade of its autonomy in the year 2018.

This SUV electric, we don’t know his name, you will be able to mount then the new ion battery pack that, as we say, released the IONIQ very soon. However, we cannot rule out that Hyundai engineers decided to adapt the batteries to the features of this SUV whose weight or aerodynamics will be different. And is that both factors directly affect the autonomy.

Currently there are very few SUV electric that we can find in the market. However, during the next few years they will hit the dealerships great variety of electric vehicles in the SUV segment. One of them will be the BMW X3 electric, the Tesla Model And or the Jaguar I-Pace, early in the living Room of a Los Angeles 2016 using a prototype of the same name. The model developed by Hyundai will have to address some of them.