Hyundai will manufacture his pick-up Crete in Brazil in 2018

Hyundai Creta STC Concept 1

Hyundai you want to become a main actor in the sector of the car world. Since you are almost making as its 8 million cars sold in 2016 (along with Kia) speak well of how hard they are working the south koreans. However, as Toyota Motors, even have to consolidate their position in certain markets (among them emerging), because in a matter of several years their sales will increase and don’t want to be late to hand out the cake.

Latin America is very large, and Hyundai is not as well established as in other parts of the globe. To solve this problem, will launch a series of models to attract these customers and among them the pick up Crete is very valuable. This model is derived directly from the SUV B-segment (Creta) that the signature south Korean has already put on sale in the Brazilian market and he want to plant face to the Fiat Bull and Renault Duster Oroch.

Hyundai Creta STC Concept 1

Hyundai you need this vehicle in the market as soon as possible and what better way to do that starting your manufacturing next 2018. The place chosen is Brazil, as it is made in the same factory that brings to life the SUV brother, helping to save costs in manufacturing and logistics. To do this, Piracicaba will receive a financial injection that will allow it to increase its production capacity from the current 160,000 units per year up to 230,000 units.

Currently this plant works full performance three turns to produce models HB20 and Crete. Once you enter the new pick-up, their ranks will be new hires and will reschedule the work to maximize productivity, since this factory will be in charge of assemble it to all of Latin america. it Now remains to specify the mechanical and drive types available as well as the price from which it will be sold.

We will be also watching out for the brand studying the possibility of to export this model to other markets since it is aimed toward leisure time and could fit into more markets.

Source – Hyundai