Hyundai will present a new model of hydrogen in Geneva

Hyundai IX35 Fuel Cell

The car moved by hydrogen it seems that you want to find your niche in the market. Increasingly, brands are working in this alternative source of energy, but still lack a lot for that to be viable one hundred percent. The only brand that has dared to launch a model to the sale with a stack of hydrogen has been Honda with its Clarity Fuel Cell. This hatchback is driven by a battery fed by a stack of hydrogen between refills allows to circulate to the driver about 500 miles.

The japanese firm is not the only one that works with the hydrogen to give life to their cars, even though the others, General Motors and Hyundai, not just jumping into the pool permanently. The signature south Korean has already has completed a first phase test Ix35 powered by hydrogen fuel cell, and in the light of the results obtained in a very short time could bring to market a vehicle with these features.

Hyundai IX35 Fuel Cell

As reported by the firm in the framework of the CES in Las Vegas, are working on the design of a new platform to launch a new SUV powered by hydrogen fuel cell. This base would be specifically designed to allow a habitability far more wide that has the current Ix35 hydrogen in addition to allow you to lose significantly the total weight of the set since the current prototype weighs about 1,900 pounds. All of this would provide a greater capacity for the storage tanks of hydrogen.

The news was released, the executive vice president of Hyundai Motors, Seung Ho Hwang, in the press conference that was held after the presentation of the Ioniq autonomous. It also confirmed that the first prototype of this new SUV hydrogen what we will know in the next Geneva and marketing would be planned for mid of the year 2018. We must be attentive to the news that the firm provide because we may soon have the first images of this new SUV.

Source – Hyundai

Hyundai ix35

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