Hyundai will present in a matter of days a new Accent

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai is one of the brands of cars with better performance and growth is having in the last few years. Thanks to their good work, and that their cars have evolved as demanded by the market, have managed to overtake marks more consolidated in the sector. However it also has a past in his closet and as an entity smart, they know that they must show you that your future is not based on an unstable basis.

This past (among others) is called Hyundai Accent and, as we all know, has been one of the most popular cars of the signature south Korean in the world. In Spain was one of the top-selling cars of the house because of their adjusted price had a reasonable quality and plenty of space. However, with the arrival on the market of the i30 and the new direction that would take the firm we saw it disappear forever of our roads.

The case is that their disappearance has not occurred in all markets the world as it follows the sale (and with a health of iron) in other countries of the world. So good are their sales the next day, February 16, will be presented at the Auto Show International of Canada Toronto the next generation of the Hyundai Accent. Therefore, for the open mouth, the signature south Korean has released this teaser video in which we can see a few details of the new model, but sufficient enough to get an idea of what the next delivery.

If we focus on the points that are best seen in the video, we can say that your headlights front and rear are very similar already incorporated the Elantra and i30 of the new generation. Its front grille is not divided in two and still keeping the hexagon shape enhanced by the small air inlet located in the lower part of the bumper. Shut the front new headlight anti fog change shape and move further toward the corners of the car.

inside there are no pictures, although it is expected that the sedan media, Hyundai continue betting on to keep features of the basic lines that define his brothers of range. In terms of its range of mechanical will continue enjoying the blocks used up to now, staying in the middle of your competition. This is, blocks gas with powers up to about 140 hp and possibility to decide between gearboxes manual cutting and automatic.

A real shame not to re-launch in the european market.

Source – Hyundai