I also become my Ferrari 250 GT / E on a hot rod with American muscle

Is it a sacrilege what Joe has done? At all. Joe is a Californian who bought a few years ago body of a Ferrari 250 GT / E, without chassis, no engine, no cockpit , a housing. Apparently, the Ferrari 250 GTE uses the same engine and chassis as the Ferrari 250 GTO car that incredible sums of money are paid. Replicating usual 250 GTO innocent complete emptying by 250 GT / E. And these replicas is paid over a million dollars. I also turn my shell Ferrari 250 GT / E on a hot rod .

With driver weighs just 1,300 kilos. The original emblem of Ferrari has cost $ 1,200.

Joe bought the body and spent more than a year of his time to convert his skeleton Ferrari into a functional machine. First, he built a craft chassis, on which rode the gigantic 5.0 small-block V8 Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 1969. know its power, but 400 hp is a correct estimate. A motor that is associated with the gearbox six relationships of a Dodge Viper a Tremec. The body color is a unique color Mitsubishi, but Ferrari emblems are original.

The suspension is independent at all four wheels, with almost a moron competition. Nothing inside tells us that this car is a Ferrari because everything had to be built almost from scratch. But the result could not be better, and possibly the best way to make the lonely abandoned body of a Ferrari 250 GT / E . In the video we collect Joe then tells the whole story of his Ferrari and hot rod shows us how wonderful sounds and pilot machine.

by Joe Bravo.

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