I am a customer affected by the fraud of the TDI: am I required to repair my car?

here is the million dollar question. In the last few weeks, hundreds of thousands of readers we have chosen to inform about the fraud of the TDI of Volkswagen. The majority, worried about what will happen with their cars. We know that there is a call to massive revision, which will occur throughout 2016 and that, in the absence of determining how to proceed with each motor, will require modifications in the software in some cases, and the installation of new systems to neutralize the NOx. The consequences of that review have yet to be determined, but it is not too bold to think that the performance of the car could be reduced, raise consumption, or increase the costs of maintenance (in case of installed AdBlue). That being said, if your car was working properly, it is logical that you propose not to proceed with the call to review. But I’m very much afraid that it is not so simple…

In Germany have already advised Volkswagen. The call to review of the 8.5 million vehicles are affected in Europe has to be mandatory, and initiated as early as possible.

The big problem is that the fraud of the TDI would have allowed the diesel engines of the affected comercializasen under an emission standard, without the trick detected in the united States, would never have met. That means that these engines have been circulating illegally. And that means that, once detected the fraud, the authorities should demand that they correct the situation immediately, regardless of the safety of the occupants of the car are not at risk.

That has been the reason which has led Germany to ask Volkswagen a call to mandatory review for the 2.4 million vehicles affected in the country, and 8.5 million vehicles affected in the whole continent. Volkswagen was intended initially that the call for a review is voluntary, for those customers who chose to fulfill it. The authorities, who can not look to the other hand, have already requested that this call for review is made as soon as possible (Volkswagen hoped that expanding until the end of 2016) and that any car with an engine affected is left without the corresponding review.


I Am a customer affected by the fraud of the TDI, what does this measure?

The european authorities will establish control mechanisms to ensure that, past a particular limit, it does not circulate any TDI affected without the corresponding modification.

so that, to the hopes of new european guidelines and a protocol for common control, that Spain also has to follow, if you have a motor TDI Volkswagen affected, you must take your car to review. Any other thing, in addition to amazing, would be incomprehensible. You must do it in the time in which Volkswagen considers appropriate, that is to say, in the time you have provided a concrete solution. The maximum period of time has established Volkswagen to comply with all of the calls to review will expire at the end of 2016, but the authorities require you to do before.

we do not Know which mechanisms will be used by the authorities to control that the car has been revised to comply with the emission standard for which it was approved. Among the different possibilities, would be to revoke the certificates of approval, which is not possible until the mark guarantees that have been called to fix all affected vehicles. Otherwise these vehicles could not be circular. Much more reasonable seems to be that the Technical Inspections of Vehicles to receive a protocol of surveillance for the TDI affected, demanding a certificate stating that each car has passed the call to review.


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With nearly 700,000 people affected in Spain and 8.5 million in the whole of Europe, and for customer peace of mind, it is daring to think that Volkswagen won’t find a fair compensation for clients who are wronged by this call to review.

The proposed solution can be worrying for customers that, first, have to take their vehicle to the workshop and, second, to expect changes in their engines which, by minimum that are, are not at all desirable. At that point, there will be no choice but to turn to organizations responsible for defending consumers, seek to brand compensation if we feel wronged, or even enter the court.

Personally, I think Volkswagen you can find a solution, or a compensation that is fair and reasonable to the affected. The case of the TDI has been a media coup unprecedented for the German mark, so that this answer depends on hundreds of thousands of customers (only in Spain) again some day to buy a vehicle of the group, or not. Also by the fact that we don’t speak of a small group, or isolated, from customers. In Spain would be affected nearly 700,000 vehicles, with which it is logical to think that Volkswagen will offer a solution in line with the revision made to its engine. And if it were not so, it is also logical to think that the demands of joint – and mass – will play a key role to satisfy the customer wronged. We do not be the slightest doubt.

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