I battle fratricidal circuit! 30 years of sport-utility Renault, face-to-face. Who is faster?

EVO has paid a tribute of course to Best Motoring in your last video. Following the format of battle on a circuit of the japanese – one of its signs of identity – have faced four generations of suv’s Renault. Specifically, their versions Cup, racing customer designed with the track in mind, but also close to their counterparts of production. An exciting battle fratricidal in video, with the Renault 5 GT Turbo and three generations of the Clio Cup as protagonists. The video of the day.

The output is stepped to provide an opportunity for the older cars and less powerful.

After an output step – with less than 10 seconds between car and car – the four Renault faced a battle to four laps on the circuit of Rockingham, United Kingdom. In the first place, we have a Renault 5 GT Turbo 1985, whose engine 1.4 turbo develops 120 HP, but with a weight of under 800 kg. A Renault Clio 16V the year 92, with a maximum power of 1.8 liters and 140 HP is the second contender. Both units are equipped with gearboxes manual and a grounding point close to the production cars.

The third opponent is a Renault Clio Sport 182, prepared for circuits with 182 BHP of power and a dreadful gearbox sequential – combined with a weight of less than a ton. A Clio Cup of the year 2015 is on paper the fastest car, using a box of double clutch and is the only one with a turbocharged engine. Who will be the winner of this battle? You have seen the video, but it was the Clio 182 in the year 2000 the winner, without give barracks to all his rivals and resisting the stakes of the Clio Cup in 2015.

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