I become the rumors of a BMW M7! Have registered the name

The BMW M3 and M5 with decades in the market, having recently arrived to the M4 and M2, as well as some models SUV with the denomination M. for years, and practically from a new generation arrives, it is rumored on the possible to release a BMW M7. After the handover of the BMW 7 Series, re-emerged these rumors, but these ceased when the bavarian manufacturer introduced the BMW M760Li in the year 2016, launching it to the market by “only” 200,000 euros.

variant M760Li brings under its giant hood, an equally giant propeller V12 6.6 litres with supercharger. The performance figures are impressive, as the 610 HP and 800 Nm of torque are more than eye-catching to a large saloon luxurious of representation. Although we have not tested, has a configuration more dynamic than the other versions of the 7 Series. However, it seems that BMW could be working in that BMW M7 so we’ve been waiting for.

The case is that the German firm has been registered in a patent office, the designation M7, despite the fact that he’s always been contrary, and disinterested to launch a variant with the signature BMW M in your luxurious saloon of 5.24 meters in length. WhatWhat is the meaning of all this? Since that time the company has been reviewing the launch of a BMW M7, or, on the contrary, only wants to “protect” the denomination for a time in the not too distant future decides to use it.

arriving, the BMW M7 would use a aesthetics significantly more aggressive than the quoted BMW M760Li, counting with the always outstanding four exhaust outlets, and a dynamic yet more focused on the performance, but with a clear understanding that an M7 is not like an M4, keeping a lot of luxury and a very high ride comfort. Its rivals would be the Mercedes-AMG S 65 L (630 HP) and the upcoming Audi S8, which does not take too long to become official.

At the mechanistic level, we do not know if “the big M” would turn to the V12 6.6 biturbo or if, on the contrary, I would bet for a motor something smaller and with reduced number of cylinders but with a boost more aggressive. What we have more than clear is that his power would be slightly higher than that of the 760Li. In any case, we have no choice but to wait and keep close track of all those rumors.

The images belong to the BMW M760Li

Source – BimmerFest

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