I come from the future to tell you what the inside of the next Volkswagen

I’m not Marty McFly. Which is a shame. But to some extent yes I could travel to the future. I was able to get on the new Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE . You can look at its design, which already showed you a few days ago. You may remember that Volkswagen told us define the features of a new generation of sedans as an alternative to traditional segments B and C. You can have the characteristics of its plug-in hybrid mechanics. Or you can hop on board with us to see the look you most likely have the Volkswagen in an increasingly near future. I’ll give you a hint: will be many screens and many, or more, tactile surfaces


The, integrated seamlessly into any surface and tactile surfaces, screens dominate within the next models of Volkswagen.

The interior of the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE shows the aspect that could have a high-end sedan . Notice these leather upholstery, or wood inserts which must be walnut or the like. But most of all look at the floating center console dominated buttons and touch controls. Being picky I would say that I did not like the finish, a black piano at the slightest touch will spider and as shown in these photographs, is a magnet for dust spots and traces of sweaty fingers Legion journalists who put their hands up in Geneva.

volkswagen-pantallas-salon-de-ginebra-201503-1440px The entertainment team would be perfectly integrated into the surface of the dashboard so that no physical gap between the coating of this and touchscreen. As shown in this picture, not only would count with a high-resolution screen and a minimalist design but also some controls, also tactile, which surround the main screen would allow us to adjust the air conditioner or heated seats.


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