I do echo the controversial words of Sergio Marchionne to Lamborghini

Sergio Marchionne Ferrari

Sergio Marchionne has sent a mule to which, historically, has always been his greatest rival; this is, to the Lamborghini. We do not know the purpose of their statements. She’s right, and, without doubt, in exclusivity; it’s hard to beat Ferrari.

do you Want mr. Marchionne to head directly to Stefano Domenicali?, or is it perhaps the purpose of their arguments addressed to the faithful buyer of these brands? Although I do not know for sure, it is clear the confrontation that currently, both brands are under…

Sergio Marchionne

Ferrari and Lamborghini are probably the two brands that historically have perpetrated major battles for hegemony in the world of supercars. Since the 60’s, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to leave in the background, his passion for the tractors to give way to the creation of sports able to overcome the Ferraris created by Enzo.

This hard-fought battle can be moved up today; where both brands believe they have their own “niche” when displaying your products, but in reality, his competitive spirit is evident always looking askance at his opponent. Examples of this include the Lamborghini Miura of 1967 and the Ferrari 365.

What were the declarations of Marchionne?

According to Sergio Marchionne, “the people who buy a Lamborghini it does so by not being able to afford a Ferrari,”. Despite these controversial words, Marchionne ensures to maintain a good relationship with Stefano Domenicali. However, it also ensures that it is difficult for another brand is at the height of their cars.

it Is clear that, in their words, “afford” makes no mention of the economic side. Maybe its to rethink bestowing retrain the potential buyers of supercars italians, “do not be captivated” by other models, because supposedly, they are not in the same category.

it Is true that, to be able to opt for a limited edition Ferrari, first you need to possess a huge and a select array of models and Ferrari this results in a exclusivity very high; of which only the lucky few in the world can boast of.

in Addition, the CEO of Ferrari wanted to speak about the development of their engines. will Continue to be engines with kw though, they begin to associate themselves with electric motors. To do this, we will have to wait 2 years…