I forget about the M3 E30! The brilliant BMW 325i E30 also deserve a tribute

When we talk about the BMW Series 3, box E30, we tend to think only in the M3, and forget that there has been huge E30, as the brilliant 318is or the powerful 325i. The 325i received the engine M20B25 in 1986, a brilliant six in line with the 2.5-liter was capable of spinning up to 7,000 rpm, generating an output of 170 HP. On paper, the BMW 325i was not nor is a special car, but in your DNA are all the ingredients that cemented the reputation of the Series 3. It deserves a tribute.

Many schools of rallye used BMW 325i E30 as cars, school into their programs. For something to be…

The engine M20B25 is very robust, with a huge reliability. It has been the basis of countless preparations, in addition to countless racing cars affordable. It is still possible to find a multitude of BMW 325i E30 at a good price, which can be converted in machines devour asphalt for very little money. The guys from Motor Trend have prepared a tribute video to the BMW 325i, in which in addition to put against the ropes to a 325i E30 Touring almost series against a full BMW 340i Touring, fresh out of the dealership.

Although the 340i has an output of 326 HP and the 325i only 170 CV – half-almost – is 400 pounds heavier. With a set of tyres and sports suspension properly adjusted, the 325i E30 becomes a machine fearsome circuit. Up to the point of to match the lap time of the BMW 340i in the circuit of Willow Springs: a circuit with long straights which favour the 340i. The E30 works much harder in the section of curves, showing that less power and much less weight is usually a winning combination.

A true testimony to the quality of the E30 that you cannot miss. Since we will have more days to talk to you about the M3.

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