I Go Mango! Back to Dodge a color mythical era muscle car

During the peak-era muscle car – the period 1968-1972 – the american manufacturers competed fiercely to develop new attractions for their coupes high-performance. Names eccentric, references, youth culture, and package of extras more crazy. Chrysler developed at that time, their HIP – High Impact Paint – paintings of bold tones, designed to draw attention. Little by little, are being bailed out by Dodge, designed their models with a more historic flavour.

Plum Crazy, Sublime, B5 Blue or Go Mango have been some of the paintings of the most iconic of the era muscle car.

46 years after its debut in the Dodge Challenger from the year 1970 – the best year of the muscle car of Dodge as many – Dodge returns to to rescue a painting known as Go Mango. It is an orange-toned, which mixes shades of oranges and reds with the aim of underlining the benefits of Dodge. It offers optionally in the versions more performance of the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger: versions SRT 392 equipped with a 6.4 V8 HEMI 485 HP and bestial versions Hellcat, with a 6.2 V8 supercharged 707 HP.

dodge-go-mango-3Since it is possible to order this paint in the Charger and Challenger, although Dodge has not specified whether it will be offered in a limited way with the beautiful Plum Crazy of which we have already spoken. Another detail to consider is the fact that you are not the first cars to have this painting optional: is also available in the Dodge Dart and in a limited edition of the Dodge Charger R/T 2006, was also available. Also, tell me not you would like to have in your garage for a Challenger Hellcat with this tone of paint.

Source: Dodge
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