I hope it’s true! The upper echelons of Fiat asked for the return of Lancia Delta Integrale

Now that the Fiat Group has finally made of words, and has taken action, now that the resurrection of their big brands, starting with Alfa Romeo, has been confirmed, we want more. The Alfa Giulia has us excited, but that would just be the tip of the iceberg that is much closer and that points directly to the waterline of those who have been successful premium manufacturers in Europe in recent years without Italian opposition. And in a moment of emotion and excitement like this in the upper echelons of the Fiat Group and we would be talking about the return of another icon (according to account Autocar.co.uk). Your name: Lancia Delta Integrale


Marchionne both Strive to recover the image of Lancia, and sports products halo – see Delta Integrale – as it is striving to do the same with Alfa Romeo? That’s the big question.

In recent years, Lancia was the ugly duckling of Fiat Group. Business strategy, focused on a somewhat controversial design chic and amortization of Chrysler products, has faded completely to a brand that once was synonymous with more than just quality and design, was synonymous with performance and sportsmanship. If the story would have been more fair to Lancia, maybe today we would not be talking about an Alfa Giulia with V6 turbo and origin Ferrari, and yes the return of a Lancia Thema Ferrari-powered, as this 8.32-eighties.

To speak of performance and sportsmanship, we could go back to those years when Lancia was synonymous with Formula 1 until the Scuderia Ferrari took full honors. But above all we could talk about rallying, the Group B, the 037, the Stratos and, above all, the Lancia Original Delta. What we would attend the return of a car like this?


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Sergio Marchionne , CEO Fiat Group Chrysler Automobiles shown more concerned with the recovery of image and symbolism of Alfa Romeo that by reinventing Lancia , waiting quietly while palliative care is provided. Lancia barely resists basically getting the oxygen right hand nth special edition Ypsilon.

is unfair, sure, but we are convinced that in the picture that is being painted, that of securing Alfa Romeo as a serious alternative to the German premium, there is room for a Lancia Delta Integrale, which is the would directly with the Alfa Giulietta. The market would be found not have anything to do with that compact was forged in the late seventies, and later, and already in the eighties, a return on investment in competition to meet friends and strangers with HF, the Integrale 8v and 16v, and even Evoluzione. Today beasts have maintained their halo, to become desired and sought, objects of desire.

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