I present to you the Honda S2000 faster than you can drive carretera


Ebay is a box of surprises where we’ve found sales of the most varied. Do you remember the Smart Fortwo pickup six wheels? Does the dashboard of the new Mercedes E Class 2016 from a prototype? How or when we saw the headlights of the Camaro for the first time within the world-famous web auction? Today we found another one of this rarities as someone has decided to sell a Honda S2000 nothing less than 600 HP.

In reality, this figure has something of a trap since the 600 BHP are as measured from the crankshaft, while to the rear wheels reach more than 500 HP through the transmission, which are also not bad. This is the power attained by the engine of 2.2 litres when you give them drink petrol 93 octane.


What is most surprising is that it is a vehicle approved for road circulation so that its current owner declares it as the S2000 the fastest in the world. In these moments its sale is still active on auction site for a price of $ 20,000, about 18,000 euros at the exchange.

A price really interesting because its owner announces that the modifications made to achieve the current power gave him an outlay of a few $ 18,000 in components. In particular with the kit potentiation Kings Performance Stage 2 which, among other items, adds turbocharging to the roadster, injectors KP Bosch 1.000 cc, mapping, electronic, exhaust, intake and tires Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position among other components instaladas.


As a curiosity we called attention to the fact that almost the entire vehicle is stock on the outside when most of these extreme modifications are accompanied by a renewed body that is away from the original design that gave him his biological parents. This Honda S2000 is painted in silver grey, with tires and windshield frame in dark, and a cabin trimmed in red to generate contrast. You can see the original ad here.