I say goodbye to the paper manual! Augmented reality has come to your car

augmented reality has come to stay. Not only of the Head-Up Display we are talking about. Hyundai have devised a way to convert in an experience much more visual and intuitive the use of the manual of our car. Yes, that book that is kept in the glove compartment and that many are not used until a problem arises or you want to query some specific data. Called Hyundai Virtual Guide, and is an application for smartphones and tablets that will revolutionize this old-fashioned element of our car.

is available Only for the Sonata in the U.S., but will soon be extended to more cars and countries.

For the moment, this application will only be available on the Hyundai Sonata, and will be released to the market at the end of this year. Hyundai believes that consumers spend a lot of time online, and that is where they look for information about your car when you have any doubt, before that in the manual. The application includes 82 videos in which we explain how to perform settings or maintenance operations of the car. For example, how to check the oil level, synchronize our mobile, or fill the water tank of the wipers.

in Addition, it includes 50 guides and informative about the car and six images in 3D augmented reality. This is the true novelty of the application. Holding our smartphone or tablet in front of the car with the hood open, the application will activate the camera and on our screen will appear which is each one of the elements that we are seeing. Ideal for someone who is not an expert or is used to “poke around” in your car know to differentiate the brake fluid reservoir of the coolant tank, for example.

In 2010, Hyundai has replaced the manual of the Equus for an iPad with a manual in digital format.

by Touching each of the items, it appears an interactive guide to adjustment or revision levels, very intuitive. Another of the guides of augmented reality allows us to identify the different functions of the interior of the Sonata, for example, place the speed control or the button to adjust the height of the lights. A initiative very curious which will soon be extended to other vehicles. Hyundai was one of the first companies to digitize the full manuals of their cars.

The first was the Equus. The “S-Class Korean” came standard with the iPad in which is included the manual in digital format. Hyundai also offers in the US, an application called Hyundai Assurance Car Care, focused on the maintenance of the cars. It seems that augmented reality will soon invade our lives. And if you do it this way, it is welcome. Imagine an augmented reality app that we teach her how to put the spare wheel or to change the oil on a car by ourselves.

would Not be official from the manufacturer, for obvious reasons, but again, I wish there was anything like that.

Source: Carscoops
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