I Sorpresón to Geneva! Will we see a Mercedes-AMG GT4 600 HP and four doors

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupé

exactly two weeks to the beginning of the Geneva motor show, we just bring a pleasant surprise. AMG meet in this year’s half century of life and it seems that Geneva will be the place chosen to celebrate his birthday in style. In this occasion will be the birthday boy who makes us a gift by showing us a model totally unexpected to date. It could be called Mercedes-AMG GT4 and is expected to have a body of four doors to accommodate four occupants, but this is not all.

The british Coach report that this model will be a concept could replace the current Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake in 2019, the date on which it is planned delisting. In this way, AMG it would be three own models, that is to say, not derivative of other cars manufactured by Mercedes in some variants accessible, in addition to the SLS and GT. All this without counting the hipercoche Project One derived from the F1 that they have on the way.

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupé

This information, as we said, has been unveiled by Coach and the German brand has yet to be pronounced. Meanwhile, our colleagues have ventured to comment that under the hood would be the engine V8 of 4 liters with double supercharging already used by the brand in other models. In this case, they say, the power which would be close to 600 HP. The main rival of this model assumption would be the Porsche Panamera; and it is that, in theory, these concepts are quite similar.

If it really is true that it will be called Mercedes-AMG GT4, , we may expect a body from the current Mercedes-AMG GT. Like that Porsche uses many features of the 911 to the bodywork of the Panamera, Mercedes has done the same with GT4 on the basis of the GT. In any case, should increase their dimensions and particularly sor battle if you really want a berlina coupe very high dynamic performance. Only two weeks separate us from knowing if it really Mercedes-AMG will introduce this prototype or if it is just a false rumor. We are aware of.

Source – Coach