I stole 180 wheels in one night! Common crime, to the box of a team of Formula 1

it Happened this same week. As were our colleagues from Jalopnik, thieves desvalijaron a Chevrolet dealership in Texas and took more than 180 complete wheels, with their corresponding wheels and tires. We talked of 39 vans Chevrolet, and six Camaro, which appeared with no wheels the next day, supported on blocks of wood in the best of cases. How did you get these thieves to disassemble 180 wheels in one night, and desvalijar 45 vehicles in not more than 5 hours?

According to the researchers, the robbers used professional equipment, to dismount all four tires of a car, and load them in the truck, in a mean time about 6 minutes.

According to the researchers, the team of thieves would be formed by a dozen people, with sufficient technical training to perform the work, and with systems to dismount the tires, such as lifts, tires and guns to loosen the lug nuts, for professional use, or even equipment of mechanics of competition. The thieves would have also counted with a large truck rented to store the goods and, of course, with enough time for the blow of the year, that is probably the greatest theft of wheels and tires on the record.

If we take into account that desvalijaron 45 vehicles, in a time around 5 hours, we find that would have extracted the four wheels of each car by employing an average time between 6 and 7 minutes (KSAT).


According to the responsible of this dealership, the thieves could have stolen even a greater number of wheels, but could not complete the work due to lack of space in the truck.

The coup has been assessed in a theft of wheels and tires worth more than us $ 300,000, approximately 282.000€ at the current exchange rate.