“I will not be surprised to see Alonso at Renault next year”


Eddie Jordan form part of this select group of personalities from a paddock of Formula 1 that have the ability to raise prices in all the bakeries every time it is pronounced. And it is not for less. In recent years, their well-informed indications on which riders will move to which teams, with several hits relumbrón, we have become a kind of oracle in each silly season. In this 2017, has started even a little before.

In a piece for the british channel Channel 4, with which it has collaborated for some years, Jordan provided three potential key moves to the next season, all of them with a common element: Fernando Alonso. The founder of the now-defunct Jordan Grand Prix has ensured that people “not surprisingly,” see Fernando Alonso driving back to Renault in 2018 that would be the third stage of the spaniard with the French brand (2003-2006, 2008-2009), after three years plagued by a persistent lack of competitiveness and reliability at McLaren with their Honda engine.

Also, Jordan has said that, before the recoil experienced this year in relation to its rivals, and the recurrence of the mechanical problems, McLaren would have already signed an agreement with Mercedes for the mark of the star back to motorizarles, as it did between 1995 and 2013. Faced with this situation, Jordan points out that Sauber would be the next team in to mount the power units from Sakura, although we would still have to see if the swiss would take the role of team principal for Honda, or if the japanese, as the case may be, to provide engines to another team.

After these statements, two of the stakeholders have entered the fray. Eric Bouiller, team boss of McLaren, said, in statements to Motorsport, which was “very safe to say that Eddie Jordan is wrong”. In turn, in an interview on the own Channel 4, Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes, said that McLaren “you do not need our engine. They have a partnership with Honda that is going through a difficult phase at the moment, but both have the resources, human and financial, to pull themselves out of this difficult situation”.