Ian Callum talks about the future of Jaguar and the new models

Ian CallumIn recent years, Jaguar Land Rover is achieving great commercial success, being more noticeable growth of the division of off-road vehicle. Ian Callum has talked with Coach on the future of Jaguar, a brand of which he is the head of design. The next step of the company is to promote Jaguar with the launch of new models and some variants of existing models.

Now Jaguar is working on a new generation of the Jaguar XJ, its flagship model and one of the most iconic of the brand over the years. It is a model that has been already somewhat outdated, in competition and in need of renovation, although Callum defends his appearance is completely current and that those who have not seen it never thinks that it is a new model. With regard to the new generation, Callum bet by the style and design, while other voices of the company advocate because the sedan is more practical.

Jaguar XJ 2016

Jaguar XJ

Ian Callum has said that the brand is planning to grow on the basis of new versions of existing models, but that will not go by the line from other manufacturers opt for different bodies of the same model, but that will add more versions to the range, focusing, probably, on engines and equipment. For Jaguar the volume is not something fundamental, as this could present problems due to their relatively limited production capacity, in addition to that, according to Callum also runs the risk of losing prestige.

Coach he has also asked Callum about the possibility that the mark to market a model below the Jaguar XE, probably a compact. The designer has said that while it is something of what his team talks a lot, there is nothing planned about it. Also has confirmed that there will be a GT as it was the Jaguar XK and its predecessors. Now the F-Type will be the most sporty of the brand, with a philosophy very different from the XK.

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Jaguar XJ

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