IAT Karlmann King What would you Pay more than 1.6 million euros for him?


This unique 4×4 of more than six metres costs € 1.6 million

The chinese customer it attracts especially the extravagances we have no doubt, is why the Hall of Beijing is one of the perfect venues to show their country and the world. In this edition we have discovered a real monster of the road, the IAT Karlmann King. A vehicle that seems not of this world.

Though in reality if it is, in fact, is based on a Ford F450 although it can be challenging to recognize from the outside. Something that is normal since it has a body is completely different to the original changing the format of big Pick-Up to a rough 4×4 of more than six meters long. Its body is formed by sharp angles of color matte black as if the car of an game old fact-based polygons is involved.

A Ford F450 € 1.6 million

The optical systems are embedded in the body, especially in the rear, where there seems to be a part of it. Mounted broad steps of wheel and tires of high-profile, so we can pass by any place that we put forward and glassware fully tinted to protect our identity and our companions.


once inside your car yes we will find the dashboard, center console and other parts of the vehicle of the Ford truck from which it is derived but modified to the taste of the lap of luxury. Upholstery integral skin and Nappa of neutral tones in contrast with numerous gold details and inserts in wood. Inside there are some articles of the most varied as a game of cups of tea and a compartment for bottles and glasses of cava.

Under the hood there are no changes, the massive engine 6.8 liter V10 Triton 367 HP makes its presence. It is not characterized precisely by its fuel efficiency and its relationship between power and displacement but it is resistant and hard as a rock why not leave thee lying under any situation.

Although if you have been surprised by its aesthetic, you’ll be amazed by its price: nothing less than $ 1.8 million, the equivalent of almost 1.6 million euros. The justification of its high cost is clear: exclusivity pouring given for its appearance and because only will be produced in 10 units of this mess.