IBIL: The app to control the charging of our electric car distance


IBIL we presented the proposal of app operational, for iOS and Android, totally free. With this useful tool we can control the recharging of our electric vehicle at a distance and with the comfort of doing so with the simple gesture of looking at our smartphone.

through our mobile phone we have the ability to control all kind of actions on the recharging of our car, as it could be, start loading, stop, or view details about the state of the same real-time and from any place.

Outside of the home users IBIL may locate charging points free and to start navigation to them. Even for the busiest areas, it is possible to to book a charging point in advance in order not to have to wait your turn and make sure a parking space with your charging station corresponding.


once the car is parked in our garage, from our app, we can to schedule the load and manage all types of actions relating to the availability of our car from any point that you have access to the mobile network.

With a interface very intuitive and easy to use, IBIL, is declared as one of the best tools available to control the loading of our vehicle as well as show statistics and information from our routine and be able to verify the behavior of our battery.

This company established in the year 2010 is dedicated exclusively to providing services of charging to electric vehicles, being the first company registered Manager Load. Currently has the largest investment in public network of recharging, highlighting their 30 fast-charging points. In its commercial life, this company has provided a total of 150,000 loads and has managed more than 1.5 GWh.