ICON FJ44 against Mercedes G 65 AMG, duel video between two suvs very exclusive and expensive

The protagonists of the last chapter Head2Head from Motor Trend have been two suvs very, very special. On one side of the quadrilateral, we have the spectacular Mercedes G 65 AMG. Is the Mercedes more expensive than your money can buy currently – costs more than 300,000 euros in Spain – and under the hood there is a V12 Biturbo of 6.0-liter 630 BHP of power. A car is ridiculous in the best sense of the word, which today faces one of the best restomod manufactured in the USA, the ICON FJ44.

ICON manufactures hand-restomod the Ford Bronco and Toyota Land Cruiser of the 60’s. Are considered works of art.

What is the ICON FJ44? It is one of the vehicles created by ICON, a workshop specialized in bringing classic suvs of the modern era. The work they do is known as a restomod, a word that combines the terms restoration and modification. on the basis of a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60, create a machine off-road whose starting price is about dizzying 222.000 dollars. For example, replace your old engine for a 5.7 V8 source GM supercharged by compressor up to 450 HP.

icon-mercedes-head2head-2But do not stay there. The cosmetic of the car is modified to the full, with a multitude of details created ad hoc. The attention to detail of Icon is sublime, up to the point of being considered the Singer Vehicle Design of the off-road. Do you want to test? The optical LED of the Icon FJ44, they have been designed ad hoc. The shades come from the cabin of a private jet Learjet. The car they tested the guys from Motor Trend was right after the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Yes, machines are absolutely unique.

The Mercedes G 65 AMG costs almost double that of the G 63 AMG, is slower, and its V12 Biturbo engine consumes more fuel.

But if there is something that is highlighted by a exponential multiplication of its off-road capabilities. Icon modify your chassis for greater rigidity, and subsequently added axles Dynatrac first level, shock-absorbers, signed by Fox Racing with Eibach springs, a team of Brembo braking discs of 355 mm at the front axle, a instrumentation is completely new, a body manufactured from scratch in aluminum military… I think that you capture what I mean. The complete list of changes is at this link.

icon-mercedes-head2head-3This particular off-road is a disaster on the asphalt, but off road it is a beast unstoppable, with a few angles off-road more than solid. But of course, the Mercedes G 65 AMG it is also a machine off-road of first level. If your angles are not as good and your engine V12 Biturbo engine is a design veteran, retains three differentials lockable and a reserves of torque of over 1,000 Nm. It also has a gearbox, on the basis of a gearbox 7G-Tronic seven relations.

To the conclusion that coming the guys from Motor Trend is that both cars are fantastic, and in both cases are ridiculous, in the best sense of the word. But they must select a winner, and the winner of the comparison is… the Mercedes G 63 AMG. Because it costs almost half of what it costs to the G 65, is lighter and consumes less fuel… being as fast as the G 65. Is the G 65 is the excess resulted in a off-road anachronistic, a delicious madness that allows us to circulate in Beverly Hills to then go on to humiliate the Jeep Wrangler to a forest trail or a park off-road.

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