Ide and Harvest are imposed in the Qualifying Race of Hungary


In a new lesson strategy and, above all, effectiveness
pit, Enzo Ide and Christhoper Harvest have been imposed in the Qualifying Race in
. The pilots of the Team WRT to the controls of the Audi R8 LMS #33 have
resorted to a script already repeated throughout the season to make an assault on the
leadership of the category in the day of Sunday, the whole time the Parente and
Bell have had a discreet Saturday with the McLaren 650S GT3 #58. In the wake of the
Audi #33 will leave the Mercedes #88 of Rosenqvist and Vautier and the Audi #1
Vervisch and Vanthoor

In full state of thanks after becoming a Mercedes driver in the DTM and Mahindra in Formula E, Felix Rosenqvist maintained the pole harvested by the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 in a good output in that braking the attacks of Christpher Harvest, Dominik Baumann and Laurens Vanthoor, three of the names of the Sprint Cup. A first assault was satisfactory to the interests of the pilot Swedish the entire time that the race entrabada in a period of ‘Full Course Yellow’ for the tap in the output between the Audi #25 and the Lamborghini #101 Attempto Racing.

Much more complicated was the start for the McLaren 650S GT3 after his bad qualifying, which meant Alvaro Parente to go from the twenty-position, in a second group of favorites which also appeared the Bentley #8 driven by Andy Soucek, and the BMW M6 #99 of Rowe. A battle of two bands that are reemprendía with 50 minutes ahead with a brilliant overtaking of Laurens Vanthoor Dominik Baumann in the fight for the third position, a clear demonstration of the absolute mastery of the Audi R8 LMS, with overwhelming numerical superiority, among the top 20 finishers.


in The end, the first half of the race until the opening of the
window pit-stop is solved with a great advantage in favor of
Felix Rosenqvist
and very few changes in the head group, which only
allowed Alvaro Parente traced back three positions. However, the
script was very different once that are produced by the changes of pilots and
tyres in the pitlane. The Audi R8 LMS #33 with Enzo Ide at the wheel
took a leadership role
with a pit stop much faster ahead of the
own Mercedes #88 and the Audi #1 driven by Frederic Versvich.

the Bentley Continental #8 won a place in the process
, who could not move from the seventeenth position was that the
McLaren 650S #58 of the leaders of the Sprint Cup, with the concern
extra to have the BMW #98 just behind launching several attempts
overtaking. Waiting for this battle was a Lucas Ordoñez that
is up in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 #23
after the good job
completed by Alex Buncombe. However, ten minutes from the end
remained in the background to intensify the struggle for the triumph.

Ide, Tristan Vautier and Frederic Vervisch will compactaban
in a group
separated by less than a second, with the hostilities
shot. Not took a long time to join Maximilian Buhk with the Mercedes-AMG GT3
#84 in a duel to the four bands with six minutes of riding
mill however did not leave changes. there was No changes and the
victory fell from the hand of Enzo Ide and Chris Mies
, who will enjoy as well
a set of output privileged in the face of carrear final
weekend. In regard to the role Spanish, the Bentley #8
Andy Soucek has been 16th and the Nissan #23 of Ordonez has finished in 20th

Qualifying Race Blancpain GT Sprint Cup at the Hungaroring

Position Pilots Car Time
1 Ide / Harvest Audi R8 LMS Team WRT 33 laps
2nd Vautier / Rosenqvist Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP +0.603
3rd Vervisch / Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +2.935
4th Buhk / Baumann Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +3.299
5th Schneider / Szymkowiak Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +6.575
6th Parisy / Haase Audi R8 LMS Sainteloc Racing +22.476
7th Stippler / Salaquarda Audi R8 LMS ISR +22.625
8th Pohler / Bortolotti Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GTR Grasser +31.483
9th Moller Madsen / Picariello Audi R8 LMS Phoenix Racing +32.077
10th Rast / Stv Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +34.513