Ide wins the Sprint Cup, Buhk and Baumann the Blancpain GT


The Blancpain GT Series, have closed its season in 2016, with a
equitable and fair titles. After the title of the Endurance Cup
added by Bell, Ledogar and Van Gisbergen with the McLaren 650S GT3 in
N├╝rburgring, in Barcelona, two other teams have been able to celebrate a great success.
Enzo Ide with the Audi R8 LMS #33 has been proclaimed champion of the Sprint Cup next
the Team WRT, while in an exercise regularly during the entire
season, Maximilian Buhk and Dominik Baumann have achieved the title absolute
of the Blancpain GT Series
the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 HTP Motorsport.

In a large output, the Mercedes-AMG #88 piloted by Vautier took away the first position to the Audi #33 taking advantage of the absolute necessity of not committing errors of the Ide. Third party for its part was Soulet with the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 after beating the Lamborghini #63, author of a bad start that saw completed by a spinning top to be played in the braking of ‘La Caixa’ by the Audi #28, which provisionally is placed fifth behind the BMW M6 #99 of Rowe Racing. Baumann for his part put his Mercedes #84 in eighth position.

Maxime Soulet managed to overtake Enzo Ide to place second, a position it managed to consolidate with a good pace. An advancement which however had no great importance for an Enzo Ide me quiet as Baumann looked caught in a battle very intense with Laurens Vanthoor and with the Lamborghini #63. In turn, the own Baumann was quite cautious in his movements the whole time, that position served to confirm his title as absolute in the Blancpain GT Series next to Buhk, any time Rob Bell, with the McLaren I rode quite a few positions behind.


The step-by-pit to replace tires and proceed to the change of drivers does not let any modification on the podium, every time that the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 is held to the front of the race, with Rosenqvist at the wheel. Andy Soucek reincorporaba second with the Bentley while Robin Frijns got the task of bringing the Audi R8 #33 in goal for Enzo Ide consumase your title. The Audi #1 if earning revenues to climb to the fourth position, while the Mercdes-AMG GT3 #84 also earned a position in the pit lane, despite staying behind the Audi #5 Phoenix Racing.

With the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 investigated for a possible ‘unsafe release’, Robin Frijns managed to approach the car from M-Sport, while Buhk was immersed in an intense battle with Audi #5, to which is added the Lamborghini #19, and the Mercedes – #85 in the final stretch of the race. nerves were becoming increasingly patent in the box of HTP Motorsport and more when Buhk hit the Audi #5, losing part of his front splitter. The situation is still complicated, more for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 when it was overtaken by Stolz.

All in all, the checkered flag was confirming each of the
titles and successes in the expected order. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 of Vautier and Rosenqvist got the
victory in Barcelona
, while the Bentley is #8 of Soulet and Soucek crossed the
goal in second position. However, the most intense party was in the box
Team WRT since her third-place finish with Robin Frijns, Enzo Ide, rose
as champion of the Sprint Cup
. In the same way, the eighth added in
Montmel├│ by the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 serving to Dominik Baumann and
Maximilian Buhk it by lifting up as the new champions absolute for the Blancpain GT