If 76% of Spaniards believe that the electric car is ideal for the city, why almost nobody buys it?

The Spanish we like the idea of ​​browsing in an electric car. We like it, at least theoretically. A study in major Spanish cities – on a sample of 1,622 people between 18 and 75 years – reveals that 76% of respondents believe the electric car as the ideal solution for urban mobility. The company that conducted the study, Alphabet, also reveals that only 5% of respondents had the opportunity to drive an electric car , 71% have not used it, but would like to, and 24% neither led nor wants to drive. Meanwhile, in Spain only 1.7% of total vehicle registrations correspond with some sort of mechanical electric hybrid most. Why the disparity in figures is due?

The limited autonomy, and its price, remain the biggest problems for the electric car.

To find an explanation for the problem of electric car we need to focus precisely on the 24% that has led states that neither electric nor wants to drive . The reason is primarily wield their limited autonomy and its price, motivated by the cost of batteries.

So it is of little use to the electric car generated much interest and enthusiasm, whether at the critical moment, the proceeding with your purchase, autonomy does not meet customer needs and its price is far from alternatives with combustion engine.

coche-electrico-encuesta-1 The problem of the electric car, therefore, is the existence of practical alternatives that level are more appropriate to the needs of drivers. Heat engine alternatives, either by price, or simply because they require more autonomy than today can offer a general electric Tesla – for now -. Forget

Must we therefore expect the new generation of electric cars will arrive in the coming years. Those Electrical promising stand at a minimum of 400 km of autonomy , a distance that would allow electric car might enjoy a more close to that of any heat engine Tourism autonomy. Autonomy, which together with rapid recharge points en route, see Tesla Supercharger network (they will share with other manufacturers) would allow their owners to make a similar practice in their diesel and gasoline use. Recall that, beyond the anti-Tesla announced by brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz electric, there are manufacturers such as General Motors, they are already developing more economic autonomy electric around 320 kilometers. See the case of Chevrolet Bolt, who did not come to Europe, but maybe if we will provide the technology in the new Opel electric car, which will arrive in dealerships by 2020.

Curiously, among the respondents electric car generated more interest especially in younger . A logical and expected result. The percentage of respondents willing to drive an electric find ourselves with 88% between 18 and 30 years, with 80% between 31 and 45 years, with 69% between 46 and 60 years and 68% at age 60 .

Source: Alphabet
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