If Andrea Bocelli singing Vincerò by the Alfa Giulia does not thrill you, your heart is steel


After months of rumors and secret work that lasted more than two years yesterday debuted in Italy Alfa Romeo Giulia . In the presentation the tenor Andrea Bocelli played “Vincerò ‘ at the same time that Giulia entered the scene.


Andrea-Bocelli-Alfa-Romeo-Giulia L to staging is something that Italians know how to do very well and Alfa Romeo often stimulate masterfully the sensitivity in their advertising. That is reflected in its successive slogans like “Cuore Sportivo ‘ Senza cuore saremmo only macchine ‘ and now used’ Meccanica delle emozioni ‘.

Alfa Romeo always points directly to the emotions.

There are sentences which need no translation into Spanish. But to express emotions sometimes words are not necessary and that was precisely the idea behind the assembly presentation more important Brand biscione over several years, which was held yesterday in Arese.

There was Andrea Bocelli playing Vincerò, while at the same time entered the stage the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde dressed for the occasion with her body painted in Rosso Corsa. then Sergio Marchionne formally presented the work that specialized technicians conducted in secret for more than two years: Giulia


Meccanica delle emozioni’ is the new slogan that now distinguishes the Alfa Romeo models worldwide Italian language, since pays tribute to the country where the brand was already more than a century. There is no doubt that Alfa know how to get to the heart of the tifosi brand.