If impatience can you, these are the first images of the Honda Civic Type R

will be presented within a few hours. The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most anticipated sport compact recent years, the return on track of an icon, a historic emblem that has little or nothing to do with what we knew so date. A Type-R that has evolved to adapt to the times, to provide sportiness and performance that at least will match those of its rivals. And what you see on these lines are first images ranging confirming to certain details. I definitely think so, the new Honda Civic Type R 2015 enjoy the huge spoiler prototype.

There will be too many surprises. The new Honda Civic Type R will enjoy aggressive and muscular look of the prototype Honda has exhibited in recent years.

Recall that Honda had already offered us some pictures, restrained brushstrokes that we were revealing some details, which confirmed us that the final model will be practically a carbon copy of the prototypes we’ve seen in recent months. And this weekend, a few days before submission, has been worldcarfans the web that has leaked some first images of a Type-R in an elevator, which obviously correspond to the car we see in Geneva.



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