If it is a karting Jet turbine


An inventor built a karting using a jet engine homemade. Not too fast, but there is no doubt that operation is spectacular .


Karting-Jet C olin Furze is a British plumber, but also for hobby a scientist who has a collection of strange inventions such as a magnetized boots defying gravity, Scooter world’s fastest, and a bicycle equipped with flamethrowers delivery, among other eccentricities pizza.

His latest creation sine but went a step further. It is karting uses a jet engine , based on a turbine fed with a mixture of diesel and gas to power your jet system.

The system combines two tanks of gas and one diesel, which work in combination with a leaf blower to boost the karting reaching 100 kilometers per hour, something rare for a system jet but spectacular flames by throwing his way.

But it is best that you see in video attached below. Kids, do not try this at home.