If New York is blocked by snow, with a Jeep Wrangler and a snowboard you’ll be the king of YouTube

A winter storm is ravaging the east coast of the U.S. and in New York have been recorded almost 70 inches of snow in the streets. The mayor of the city prohibited the movement in the streets and cut off access roads, limiting road transport to the minimum essential. The snow has subsided and the cars again dominate the streets, but for a little over a day, New York city, he rested. It was the ideal time for you to several heroes without a mask, make to the streets, with snowboards and suvs.

Although the NYPD stopped the snowboarders, let them go away with a simple warning. Too cool to go to the dungeon.

Before the gigantic nevada, Casey Neistat and his colleagues came up with the brilliant idea of equip a Jeep Wrangler with chains, and go out to roam the streets of New York. Even at the risk of being stopped by the Police, it would not be something so strange. However, tied two ropes to the Jeep, and of them dragged to a snowboarder and a skier. Think of water skiing on the streets of snowy New York. Surreal and brilliant in equal parts. I tip my hat to the originality of these guys.

If New York is photogenic without snow, completely white and without cars becomes an interesting scenario, almost post-apocalyptic. Times Square, nearly empty, with the skiers by calling the attention of the few passers-by, is an image possibly unique. If you have been in New York also you’ll recognize the huge Union Square. A great video that has won these guys their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube, with more than 500,000 visits to the time of writing this short review. Bravo!

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