If Porsche could rescue the 928, we would like to have this look

for years We have been with the rumor of yore, the truth. But it refuses to die, and they say that if the river sounds, water bears. A successor for the Porsche 928 could be released with the second generation of the Porsche Panamera, which could be presented in this Hall of Geneva. This second Panamera would use the platform MSB modular Volkswagen Group, designed for large vehicle architecture for front-engine longitudinal. A coupe version would be very simple to develop, and might look like this.

The Porsche 928 was launched in the year 1978 as a GT car of high-flying, aimed mainly at the american market.

The recreation has been released by Carscoops few days ago, and combined strokes of the last prototypes presented by Porsche, with details of classic design of the Porsche 928, as its characteristic rear window. The development of a coupe with high-flying based on the platform of the Panamera it would not be complicated, it would be a parallel development to could share with the berlina engines and technical solutions. Would Porsche be willing to launch a 928 modern in a segment stagnated?

I Think that is the key to these rumors. The segment of coupes is not the one that was 40 years ago, its prominence is reduced in a range in which the SUV are the backbone. Be that as it may, there is talk that its range of engines was to be made up of engines of eight cylinders, in clear reference to the 928 original, available only with a gigantic atmospheric V8. Being realistic, there would be versions of six-cylinder and even the possibility of hybridization. we’ll See if Porsche gives us a surprise in Geneva or the rumors remain rumors.

Source: Carscoops
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