If Qoros is not improving their sales you could get in serious trouble

Qoros 5 SUV

The firm hire chinese-israeli Qoros is one of the brands asian tried to gain a foothold in the european market. When they presented the Qoros 3 (and its different versions) we were left a pleasant taste in the mouth, so by design, technology and quality were at the same level as the brands general practitioners in europe. However, its entry into the european common market it was not everything good that they had expected because in the year that they were only managed to sell 51 cars.

In view of the situation decided to shut down its operations, in Europe to focus on its local market, China, because according to the leaders of the firm, the growth potential of the brand in him was much higher. Therefore after knowing the total sales that have been recorded in China during the past year 2016 we want to see what has been evolution of the sales of the signature.

Qoros 3 City SUV 2015

According to the data registered during the past year to 2016, the firm failed to sell more than 2,000 units in each of the twelve months. If we multiply this quantity, we have approximately the annual sales of Qoros in China were 24 or 25 thousand cars. If we compare these sales with over 20 million cars have been sold in the country, we can see that their participation in the market is pyrrhic with respect to other brands.

If we break down the 24.188 units sold by Qoros in your country, we can see that the best-selling model is a SUV. The Qoros 5 has managed to enroll 10.878 units staying at number 279 on the ranking of best selling models in the country. The second best-selling model of the firm has been the Qoros 3 with 8.231 units and the position 307 in the ranking. Finally the third best-selling model has been the Qoros 3 City SUV with 5.079 units and the post number 348.

Obviously, not all the numbers are going to be bad and now comes the cross of this coin. The sales of the signature with respect to the year 2015 have grown a not inconsiderable 69,8 percent and if this pace is maintained, they could reach a point of equilibrium in a short time. However, the brand is playing its future since your goal is to produce 150,000 units in a year and if they fail in two or three years (as much) could see your future very black.

To address this situation, in the signature have been designed to attack other markets. The first to have thought of has been Latin America, but do not discount you to climb on the continent to enter the united States.

Time and good work are the ones who will save the signature.