If Red Bull wants to keep Ricciardo, will have to give him a winning car


Daniel Ricciardo is one of the riders rated the grill today and, not surprisingly, has been appointed as the best pilot of the season 2016 by many analysts. The australian rider has led the offensive of Red Bull, which has led the team to the runners-up of builders, and, despite the fact that measured their media partner, has managed to get ahead of the duel with Max Verstappen.

And Ricciardo is aware that the time has come to begin the fight for more ambitious goals after having completed five seasons and a half in the Formula 1, three of them in Red Bull. “I’m in a very important period of my career. I feel that I have already settled in, but for the next five years will be crucial for me. I want to get a world title and, if it occurs with Red Bull, will be the ideal situation. If not, I’ll have to prepare myself for the next phase of my career.”, ” said Ricciardo in a statement to Motorsport, making it clear that his loyalty to Red Bull will be linked to the results the team achieves.

Ricciardo was one of the appointed to fill the seat left vacant Nico Rosberg in a Mercedes, but soon ruled out a move to Red Bull as the team with the most future. “I would Not be surprised that almost everyone had been in contact with them. And, as I said from the beginning, I think that the pilot that you receive the seat you need to appreciate it a lot because it’s not every day presents opportunities as well”, acknowledged, however, the australian, who sees Valtteri Bottas as the main candidate to occupy such an esteemed seat.

Daniel Ricciardo recalls that he recently renewed his contract with the team that led him to the Formula 1 pre-step for HRT and Toro Rosso, and hopes that both Max Verstappen as he may consider such a signature as something successful. “I have confidence in Red Bull and I have renewed my contract with them. Whatever happens, I hope you let us fight with them (Mercedes) and that both Max (Verstappen) as I, we are happy to have this contract with Red Bull”.